Workday Partnership

Workday Global Payroll Certified Partner

We’re a Workday Global Payroll Certified Partner, an exclusive group of providers who have passed the Workday standards of quality, integrity and experience. 

Strategically, this certified connectivity supports the vision "Manage Globally, Process Locally".

We have a proven track record of successful integration in Workday sites across the UK and Ireland.

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Intelligo is a Workday Global Payroll Certified Partner for both the UK and Ireland for PECI and External Payslips, providing certified connectivity between our enterprise level payroll application, Megapay and Workday.

We have a Global Payroll Network Alliance Agreement with Workday, which means that there is a solid contractual commitment to work together to ensure that the integration will work not just now, but also with future updates of both systems.


Intelligo’s payroll application, Megapay, connects with Workday to offer two way integration via the Workday Human Capital Management service to include:

• New Employee Masterfiles
• Once Off Payments
• Changes to Employee Masterfiles
• Once Off Deductions

• Recurring Payments
• Statutory Absences
• Recurring Deductions
• External Payslips

The connector, built by Intelligo to the Workday standards, is rolled into Intelligo's standard product. Customers can offset their setup and maintenance costs by easing the burden of integration, which can be a big cost factor with hidden complexity.

Workday HCM serves as the system-of-record for demographic, organisational and business data. Data held in Workday is propagated to Megapay over the certified integration - PECI. Being Workday certified means integrations are fully documented, supported by Intelligo, and rigorously tested. This translates to a reduction in the analysis, design and build phases of customer implementations




As part of the Partner Agreement, current and future updates of both Workday and Megapay are covered by certification. These prebuilt integrations are maintained by Intelligo and certified as interoperable with Workday, meaning customers no longer have to worry about keeping integrations up to date. Intelligo are Workday certified for both the UK and Irish connectors for both PECI and External Payslips.



From an Intelligo and Workday client’s perspective, it means that you’ll have a payroll solution integrated with your Workday suite - set someone up or change them in Workday and this change flows through the payroll connector into Megapay, hence no double entry. With regard to employees accessing their documentation; Payslips and P60s can be accessed via the self-service aspect of Workday.