What is Employee Self-Service and what are its benefits?

It does what it says on the tin. As the name suggests, employee self-service is a service in the world of Payroll and HR technology that allows employees to view and manage their own data from payroll information, to contact details and even holiday requests, a versatile self-service solution has it all. Most businesses are now realising the importance of self-service for their employees but mostly for the benefits to their organisations.

Self- Service & GDPR

The facility for employees to view and edit their data is one of the most significant advancements of Payroll and HR technology in recent years and is also the best practice recommendation for GDPR compliancy. Offering the ability to control their own data, self-service solutions are an obvious benefit to employees. However, for your business, it puts the onus on employees to ensure that their personal details are always updated and correct. It may seem counter-intuitive but granting employees access to their information can mitigate exposure for businesses. No longer does HR need to collect or change employee details regularly to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Self- Service & Payslips

With most self-service solutions, the payroll department no longer needs to print, email or post payslips to employees manually. Payslips are automatically available to employees through their self-service portal. Likewise, it can be very time consuming and monotonous for the payroll department to respond to employee requests for past or lost payslips. With self-service, the employee can now access their information directly where they can view and download historical payslips. Overall, it is cost effective for your business as the administrative fee is reduced with the availability of such information online.

Self- Service & Annual Leave

Managing annual leave is a task in itself with the amount of paperwork and administration required. A self-service solution enables employees to request yearly leave online, with a notification sent to the supervisor or manager to approve or reject the leave request and if integrated, recorded in the companies HR Software. This allows managers to streamline and organise annual leave for their teams, ensuring adequate staffing as needed. Also, like payslip requests, payroll and HR departments often get enquiries regarding an employee’s annual leave balance. Again, the employee can log in to the self-service portal to view their leave balance along with their leave entitlement. Above all, self-service solutions creates transparency as it tracks all types of leave, sick, holiday, unpaid, etc.