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We provide our customers with innovative and trustworthy solutions. At Intelligo, we always strive to deliver beyond expectations in everything we do.

Our Story

Established in 1996, Intelligo was founded by Padraig Gill and John Kellegher. A shared passion for simplicity and an ability to ask questions that get to the heart of the issue led the pair to develop a payroll solution specifically for companies with demanding and complex payroll requirements. That solution was called MegaPay.

In 2007 with the crash of the global economy, many large corporate organisations had no choice but to reduce their payroll and HR expenditure and many looked to outsource their payroll function to save valuable time and money. To service a growing need in the market, Intelligo developed MegaPay Outsourced – an outsourced payroll department.

Intelligo is still run day-to-day by Padraig and John, and in the intervening years has built a reputation in the industry for operating with integrity and honesty, and for building and delivering robust, reliable payroll solutions, backed up by a knowledgeable, well-trained team of experts.

Experience and Expertise

We develop Payroll and HR solutions that make our customers’ lives easier. Our clients trust and depend on us to provide them with robust solutions. We make every decision based on preserving that trust.

Our staff have a wealth of payroll and HR experience that we lean on every day when developing, delivering and supporting our solutions.

At Intelligo we have the ability and know-how to always ask ‘Why’? We challenge, we look at things differently, we look to create efficiencies through leveraging our technology in a creative and innovative way in order to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.

Why Choose Intelligo?

Trusted Payroll Partner for many leading brands

Cost effective solutions to complex problems

Flexible and innovative solutions since 1996

Workday Global Payroll partner for UK & Ireland

Highly experienced and knowledgeable payroll support

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Our clients trust us to provide them with robust and dependable solutions. Our focus in Intelligo is on preserving that trust.
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