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Hosting your payroll with Intelligo means that we look after the infrastructure that Megapay sits on. Installing, managing and upgrading software will no longer be a drain on your own IT resources as we manage it for you. From a security perspective, we provide a wide array of configurable security options with the capability of being tailored to your unique infosec requirements.


Maintaining your HR and payroll software on-premises allows you to be in complete control of hardware and software platforms and decide on the configuration, upgrades and system changes as needed by your business. With an on-premises system, you are not relying on Internet connectivity or external factors to access your software. Once Megapay is installed we provide excellent on-going support.


Intellipay is a streamlined, dynamic and fully flexible Outsourced Payroll Service,  which will allow you to vastly improve the effectiveness in the way your payroll is managed, meaning you can focus on your core competencies. Our Payroll Service is provided by an experienced professional team who ensure that our solution works at its optimal level for you. All for a set monthly fee.