Time for a Payroll Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air and what better time is there to clean up, get organised, and let some fresh air into your payroll department.  It’s time for a Payroll Spring Cleaning! The hectic part of the year is in the rear-view and some businesses may have a little bit of downtime that can be used for other tasks. In this case, to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition for your payroll department for the months ahead. But where do you start? If you’re not unsure where to begin, the following spring-cleaning tips for payroll might help you get started.

Switch to Paperless

The best task to begin with on your Payroll Spring Cleaning is paper. Pretty much all payroll and HR related data can now be collected and stored electronically. Storing information this way can help to clean up your physical office space, while also cleaning up your processes, making it much easier to organise and retrieve data. If you haven’t already started to convert to digital ones, make this a priority on your spring-cleaning to-do list. Just remember to take security precautions and dispose of the paper files correctly.

If you are looking to store your data electronically, begin by looking at a robust HR system or payroll software that could facilitate such storage. Using such software’s would give you easy access and security of your data in just a few clicks.

Employee Data

There is no better time to check your employee data! Though this can seem like a daunting task, it is essential to make sure that all your employee data is up to date, correct and relevant. In the wake of GDPR, you need to ensure you are not holding any unnecessary information about your employees. If you cannot validate all employee information right now, take time to verify the most critical items like their proper legal names. After all, a slip of the finger or a misspelt name can be the cause of a payroll process going wrong.


Has your company updated its employee benefits recently? Payroll Spring Cleaning is the ideal time to make sure everything is balancing with your new plans. Taking the time to check all deductions coming out of employee payrolls correctly is always worthwhile. Making sure that deductions are starting outright makes it easier to keep them right throughout the year.

Payroll Schedule

Regardless of your payroll schedule, whether it be weekly or monthly, it’s always good to look ahead at your plan for the rest of the year. With many holidays on the horizon, it’s good to be organised. Though holidays shouldn’t slow you down or cause a stop on your payroll, it’s worth check to see what holidays or bank holidays intersect with your payroll schedule. Be prepared to run a few days early around certain holidays, but plan so it doesn’t take you by surprise. Likewise, if you are using the services of a Payroll Outsourcing Provider, ensure they have this covered too.

Whether you do all or even one of these tasks, you are starting your payroll department off the right foot for the months ahead; you may even say there’ll be a ‘spring in your step’.