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MegaPay payroll software is a robust and reliable payroll management system that is configurable to your needs.
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MegaPay is a versatile and highly configurable enterprise-level payroll software system. An award-winning standard payroll management system, MegaPay has the flexibility to accommodate the most demanding and complex payroll requirements.



A dedicated support Team

MegaPay has gained an enviable reputation as the best value payroll software, not only for its flexibility and robustness, but for the level of support delivered by our dedicated and highly skilled Customer Services team. We work hard every day to maintain and build our reputation as the leading corporate payroll software solution, from product development, project delivery, support and maintenance through to go-live and ongoing managed payroll solutions. That is why we are a Trusted Payroll Partner for many of the world’s most recognised brands, who rely on us to deliver an accurate managed payroll service for each and every pay day.

Flexible, Configurable, Reliable

MegaPay is a fully managed payroll service that has been built to be configurable, robust, and adaptable – to changing circumstances, environments, and requirements – no matter the complexity. This flexibility is the reason why MegaPay Corporate Payroll Software is used throughout every major industry from Telecommunication Organisations, Big 4 Accounting Firms, Government Departments, Retail and more, with companies ranging in size from 200 to over 40,000 employees.

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We don’t build bespoke payroll software. We configure our standard payroll management system meaning one codebase, one system, one version – all clients. All of our effort and intellect is concentrated on updating, testing and supporting a single version of our managed payroll service. This in turn translates to less risk and less cost for updates, allowing for a super stable, robust and versatile payroll solution.


MegaPay boasts a wide range of features which enable you to fully manage your payroll process in an efficient manner.

  • Cloud/On Premises/Outsourced
  • Scalable Payroll
  • Realtime Calculations
  • Fully Configurable
  • UK & Irish Calculation Engines
  • HMRC Recognised
  • Direct ROS Integration
  • GDPR Control Module
  • Workday PECI Certified
  • No Costly Upgrades
  • Powerful Report Writer
  • Active Directory Integration


MegaPay is clever. So clever it can talk to lots of other clever programs to make your day simpler and more efficient.


MegaPay integrates with Workday to offer full payroll integration via Workday’s PECI Connector allowing HR data to flow seamlessly into Payroll.

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Employee Self Service

Allows employees to interact with MegaPay, providing online access to payroll details, payslips, P60s, and much more.

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Megapay Mobile

MegaPay Mobile enables employees to access their payslip details via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Fully integrated to MegaPay to allow for one employee, one record experience for all employee data in both Payroll & HR.

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A Trusted Partner

“We have been using MegaPay, Intelligo’s corporate payroll software at AXA’s Head Office for the past 20 years.”

Shane Corr

Payroll Administrator, AXA

“We went with MegaPay for its cost effectiveness, simplicity of installation, timely taxation updates, and integration into FMS.”

Cyril Sullivan

Director of Finance and IS, IPA

‘MegaPay has always addressed all of our payroll needs. Their support & expertise allows me to meet all payroll requirements for Bidvest Noonan’

Gillian Quigley

Payroll & PPS Manager, Bidvest Noonan

“We have found the support given by the MegaPay team to be excellent and it gives me great confidence that we have made the right move.”

Denis Cadogan

IT Manager, CPAS

“MegaPay and MegaHR seamlessly integrated with each other which simplified reporting and eliminated duplication of work.”

Maurice Kelly

HR Manager, Marine Harvest

“With over 2,000 employees across 4 different payrolls, MegaPay makes running the Payroll easy, as the functionality within the software is very easy to use.”

Igna Valatkiene

Payroll Manager, Heatons/Brandmax

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Technical Information

MegaPay can be configured in a number of different formats depending on your needs. It is available as a Cloud, On Premises or Outsourced solution.

Security is paramount with payroll software, that is why MegaPay integrates with Active Directory.

Designed for all Windows 32 & 64 Bit platforms, based on SQL Server and can be virtualised if required.

MegaPay’s reporting tool is based on query by example, enabling the user to easily construct their own reports.

High level access control, password restrictions and rules, field/screen restrictions, etc.

Fully integrates with 3rd party systems, including time & attendance, pensions, HR and Sharesave systems.