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What is Payroll Software Used For?

Payroll software in Ireland is used by many businesses, in many industries. The main purpose of the software is that it is designed to organise the tasks associated with paying employees’ salaries or wages, including all necessary taxes and deductions - in a word, Payroll.

One of the many benefits of this kind of software is that it frees up time and effort that can be spent elsewhere. As employers are only required to input employee hours and information about their wages, it requires very little manual work as the software does the rest! Additionally, depending on the size of the business, it can remove the need to hire someone to take care of payroll processing or mean you need a small team as opposed to large departments.

The best Payroll software in Ireland will also include regular updates whenever a law comes into play that will affect payroll or taxes of Irish workers. Updates may also be periodic system updates to enhance the software so that it is working as best it can for your business.


What are the Features of Payroll Software?

At Intelligo, we have designed Megapay, our corporate payroll software solution that has gained a reputation for not only its flexibility and robustness, but also for the level of product support delivered by our customer service and support teams. You can find some of the critical features of Megapay below and how the software can be used to enhance your payroll department.

Employee Self Service
The Employee Self-Service module provides online access to Payroll details, including Payslips and P60s, allowing employees to interact with their payroll department and reduce the need to print payslips.
product reporting
Megapay, our Corporate Payroll Software, offers a wide range of reporting features at the touch of a button; it allows you to take full control over your entire Payroll process efficiently and simply.
Full Control
Megapay integrates seamlessly with MegaHR, the enterprise level HR solution from Intelligo. Built on a shared database, this allows for sharing of information such as salary history, absence/holiday leave between Payroll and Personnel, ensuring key employee data is entered only once with changes updated automatically.
product intellimobile
With our new Payslip Mobile App, employees can access their payslip and P60 details via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, using IntelliMobile. IntelliMobile lets you connect directly with ALL your employees, not just those sitting in front of a PC, delivering accessibility, flexibility and control.


What are the Benefits of Payroll Software in Ireland?

Cost Effective

If you are a business owner, then it's likely that one of your primary interests is to keep costs low. As payroll doesn't have to be all done manually and our software comes with a range of automated features, payroll software speeds up the whole process of paying employees. Thus, saving you a considerable amount of money that could be invested elsewhere.

 Save Time

Managing payroll is a big task, and it's likely that your designated staff member has a lot to do when payday looms. However, payroll software can make this job easier while also saving time. All that's required is the input of employee wage information and hours – then let the software do the rest. Thus allowing more time for other tasks such as increasing efficiency and productivity among the organisation.

 Tax Management

Using payroll software can help to minimise stress related to employee and Revenue reporting obligations. All tax records are held within Megapay at the touch of a button, so there is no need to go searching for payslips. It can also help avoid the risk of running into errors in the calculation as the software can automatically calculate this tax.

 Added Security

The data used for payroll contains sensitive information such as PPS numbers, birth dates and mailing addresses. This employee information must be protected at all costs. Using the right Payroll Software Solution provides an extra layer of security. It prevents the exposure of data, as it is stored securely with limited access. A good provider will show the integrity of the security measurements of the software, so be sure to ask.

Avoid Making Mistakes

Managing the payroll process manually can result in mistakes being made. However, fewer mistakes are made when software is used to calculate information. For example, you may miss deadlines or forget to submit documents on time. You could also miscalculate taxes or misclassify employees. As software can schedule payments and send out forms, it reduces the chance of human error.

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