Managed Payroll Services

Intellipay is a streamlined, dynamic and flexible Managed Payroll Service, provided by an experienced team who ensure that our solution works at its optimal level for you. Outsourcing with Intellipay enables you to vastly increase the efficiency of the way your payroll is managed, meaning you can focus on your core competencies, while we focus on ours - Payroll. 


We have designed a streamlined, dynamic and flexible Fully Managed Payroll Service, Intellipay, which will allow you to vastly improve the effectiveness in the way your payroll is managed, meaning you can focus on your core competencies.

Allocated Team Members
We will assign a member of our team of payroll professionals to work in partnership with you to ensure Intellipay complements your business.
On Time, All the Time
On Time, All the Time
We will establish a programme of work for each pay cycle that suits you and the demands of your company. You will know exactly what to expect at each stage of the process.
Full Control
Our MegaHR solution is fully integrated with Intellipay. This is supplied on a SaaS basis, hosted in our Data Center, so therefore entails just a setup and monthly fee.
Additional Service's
Additional Services
As part of our service, we can also provide you with a company branded employee helpline for your employees to call for payroll queries, we will even answer this in your company's name.



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    Reduce Overheads

  • In outsourcing your payroll you no longer have the costs, or headaches, associated with employing staff directly – salaries, tax, office space, etc., or the unexpected costs such as recruitment fees (should your current employees move on) or covering the payroll function during holidays, or in the event of illness or maternity leave. You also don’t have to worry about the costs associated with hardware, software, licensing, maintenance fees, etc.

    We’ve designed our service with a set fee structure; you pay a fixed fee each month so enabling you to plan with confidence in the costs of your payroll processing. There are no hidden charges and unlike other providers our fees are not transaction based. We tailor our service to suit each individual client, from a basic bureau model through to a fully managed outsourced payroll; you choose the level you want.

  • reduce-risk

    Reduce Risk of Exposure

  • By outsourcing your payroll to Intelligo you have the comfort of knowing that there’s a whole team of payroll experts supporting your allocated Payroll Specialists, you’re not dependent on just one or two people with the associated risk of ‘single point of exposure’.

    We write and support the software, Megapay, which we use to process our clients’ payrolls. All our development is done in-house; we aren’t reliant on others to provide the ‘engine’ that underpins our operations. So you can be assured of the highest quality on an ongoing basis.

  • Expertise

    Consistent Expertise

  • The staff employed within the Managed Payroll Department responsible for processing our clients’ payrolls are highly experienced, seasoned Payroll Specialists and are IPASS certified. Many of them have come from large corporate organisations where they have had responsibility for processing complex payrolls. We make outsourcing your payroll to us a very straightforward affair, we look after the payroll function end to end. You submit your data to us and we take it from there. Essentially, we are the payroll experts, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

  • DataSecurity

    Data Security & Disaster Recovery

  • A lot of companies outsource their payroll function to ensure complete confidentiality of their payroll information, from top to bottom. We’re registered with the Data Protection Commissioner and our systems are highly secure ensuring that only those authorised can access your payroll information.


Intellipay is a Managed Payroll Service that functions as a combination of employing best practice in payroll, together with harnessing the power of our cutting edge Payroll Software - Megapay. Therefore we can offer a dynamic and flexible outsourced payroll processing service tailored for you.

Employee self service web portal for payslips/ p60s, etc.
Hosted MegaHR Human Resource Managment Software Fully Integrated
Gross to Net - Detailed Comparisons
Company Branded Employee Helpline and Email Query Service
Payslip distribution (hard or soft copy)
Allocated Account Manager

Revenue Liaison

Full Payroll processing including all statutory returns
End of Year Processing
Set Monthly Fee, No Hidden Charges
Standard and Bespoke Reports
Ad hoc Reports
Bank File Transfer
Third Party Payments if Required
Expenses Processing
CSO Returns (ROI)


Regardless of what components you select, our Outsourced Payroll Service is robust and flexible enough to fulfill your requirements. Intellipay will also integrate with our HR Software -  MegaHR should you opt for this as well. 



Our MegaHR solution is fully integrated with Intellipay. There are a wealth of benefits to combining the two, not least of which is the ‘one employee, one record, recruit to retire’ functionality which is facilitated by deploying such a comprehensively integrated solution.



Intelligo’s Mobile App - IntelliMobile, allows your employees to easily access their Megapay payroll information 'on the move' with their own mobile devices. This app provides employees with access to their payslips and P60s anytime, anywhere. It's the new payslip standard.



The Intellipay Managed Payroll Service also integrates with a variety of 3rd party tools and systems that may already be used by your businesse's HR and various departments, from Time & Attendance, Expense Management and more.


Of course there is a cost to a Managed Payroll Service, however, we believe this cost will quickly be offset, as the Intellipay outsourced payroll model provides you with:


A virtual payroll department that acts just like an in-house department. 


A flexible tool which can be customised in response to changes to your needs.


A 'best in breed' system for reporting, enabling comprehensive analysis.


All the control and security of an in-house system, all payroll data is fully secured.


Full integration with MegaHR and Employee Self Service, should you choose this.

What People Say About Our Managed Payroll Service

Mark O’Reilly Head of Finance, Specialist Holiday Group Ireland
We chose to outsource our payroll to Intelligo over any other provider due to their speedy turnaround, value for money and excellent software and services. It’s clear Intelligo understands great customer service is as important as fantastic software.
Alan Flannery Finance Director, Allergan
The payroll expertise of Intellipay is a key benefit, as is the efficient and reliable service. Our payroll was previously in house but we’re confident it’s in good hands now.
Colm McCluskey Senior Finance Manager, BT Ireland
For a fully managed payroll service, Intellipay offers fantastic value for money with no requirement In-house for full time employees to support the payroll function.
Una Collins HR Generalist, Chanelle
Intellipay’ response to queries, usually within 24 hours means that we can provide the best service to our employees.
Colm McCluskey Senior Finance Manager, BT Ireland
Intelligo are very proactive and are always looking for ways to make the process more efficient.
Finbarr O’Connor Finance Manager, FCR Media
We chose Intelligo’s Managed Payroll Service, Intellipay, over other providers because of its excellent reputation and ability to assist us in our specific payroll needs.
Katherine Markey Payroll Executive, Premier Lotteries Ireland
Intelligo have provided us with an efficient and effective payroll service with timely payment of employee salaries.
Liz Leavy Head of HR, Wincor Nixdorf
Working with Intellipay, we get a complete and worry free payroll facility. Everything is consistent and they always go the extra mile. Excellent business partner.
Colm McCluskey Senior Finance Manager, BT Ireland
Intellipay offers fantastic value for money with no requirement in-house for full time employees to support the payroll function.
Celine Kelly HR Business Partner, QQI Ireland
The staff are very helpful. They provide an outstanding service to us, are always efficient, effective and very helpful.

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