New Year Resolutions for Payroll

As we look forward to a New Year, it is natural to evaluate what you have achieved in the past year and to look for ways to improve. After all, January is a time for new lifestyles, trips to the gym, and such. It’s also a great time to get ahead and set yourself up for the year to come. Many people will do this by deciding on goals or New Year’s ‘resolutions’ for the year to come. This practice is standard in a person’s life, so why not apply the same principals in the professional payroll life? To help you on your way, Intelligo has put together four New Year’s resolutions for your payroll department in 2020.

Go Paperless

In the age of digitalisation, the advantages of going paperless in payroll are boundless in convenience, speed, accuracy, and cost for both employers and your employees alike. Taking the digital route and becoming paperless means you save time and money. Paperless systems also benefit the environment; there’s no paper to dispose of, recycle or end up in waste piles, and no physical space is required for electronic documents and files. Most employees prefer receiving their payment information via e-mail or Self-Service portal, so it is beneficial for all.

Streamline, Integrate or Upgrade

Are there ways you can streamline your payroll software? Top priority among these strategies should be making sure your payroll is integrated with the other software systems of your business such as HR Software, Accounting software, etc. Can your current solution do this? If not, it may be time to consider getting a payroll “makeover.” Whether it’s giving your existing system a much-needed upgrade, or switching providers, there is no better time to make changes than the New Year!

Improve Employees’ Mobile Experience

It is likely all your employees now own a Smartphone, so mobile apps for payroll are your best way forward. If your employees can check their payslips and communicate with the payroll department using a simple app, then actively engaging them using mobile technology should be at the top of your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

Keeping up with compliance

Keeping on top of new legislation and regulations is always a top priority for payroll departments to ensure compliancy and should continue to be so in 2020. Looking back over the last few years and the introduction of GDPR, it is plain to see that preparing well in advance for any changes is the way to minimise disruption to your business.  Implementing operations in advance of new regulations streamline the transition and make your employees and the payroll department prepared for what is to come. So get ahead of the curve. Data privacy is still at the forefront of people’s minds, and so GDPR doesn’t mark the end of new legislation – there’s undoubtedly more to come!

A New Year means deciding to do something beneficial for you and your team. Try to reflect upon 2019 and think of at least one resolution for this year – even if it’s not one we have suggested. Without a doubt, it will prove to be beneficial to your business and your payroll.