National Sickie Day: The Reason, Effect and the Solution.

Is your office beginning to look a little empty this February? Well, everyone’s heard of the standard Monday blues, and even the infamous Blue Monday in January. However, the latest absence figures have found that the first Monday of February is notorious for non-attendance at work, earning it the name ‘National Sickie Day’. As an employer, the crucial questions here are why employees would feel the need to do this and does National Sickie Day highlight a more significant problem that all employers should be working to rectify?

The Reason?

Although many will be sick or using it as a ‘duvet day’, others will use it for other purposes. One of the potential factors attributed to this is the first payday since Christmas, meaning people may have had a busy and indulgent weekend. Another theory is that people tend to re-evaluate their career path in January, meaning that a lot of these sickies are to attend job interviews. These combined reasons have been linked to approximately three hundred and fifty thousand absences from work on this date in 2019.

The Effect?

Absence is expensive. Unplanned employee absence can have a damaging effect on your business, such as overtime costs, dissatisfied customers and even employee morale. Employee absence doesn’t just affect the bottom line; understaffed companies will tend to underperform and may fail to meet goals, which can result in financial loss. Employees may also be forced to increase their workload to compensate for their absent co-workers, leading to a growth in stress levels and a drop in productivity, potentially leading to more employee absences. It can lead to a vicious cycle.

The Solution!

If your business is regularly experiencing absences and you believe a trend is developing, investing in a robust HR Software Solution which has been designed to track and manage employee absences can ensure that your business is not negatively affected by unplanned employee absences. Such a solution can help to reduce the adverse effects and expense of unscheduled absences, as well as assisting in managing leave entitlements. Most importantly, HR software can help you track and analyse absences and identify trends that allow you to rid your company of absence related costs.

Hopefully, your employees won’t experience the National Sickie Day effect, but as an employer, you can do all you can to ensure their wellbeing is top of your agenda while protecting your business.