Over 25 Years of
payroll promises kept.

Promises kept. Care shown.
Respect delivered.

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Payroll that Respects
Your Time

In payroll, the clock is always ticking. It takes serious know-how to integrate every payroll task, workflow and edge case into a single compliant system that executes with optimal speed and simplicity. Over 25 years of continuous listening and enhancing has seen MegaPay evolve into a sleek payroll machine that does just that.

The MegaPay Guarantee is about being accountable to the entire workplace for its time. As the ground-truth people system in a firm, payroll sets the rhythm of workplace operations. And getting the tempo right in operations means understanding that every minute of every employee’s time counts.

Payroll that Respects
Your Talent

Payroll has always needed to be precise and compliant. Now, it also needs to unlock your payroll and HR talent by being faster, smarter and more accountable.

Nothing is more dispiriting and demotivating for talented employees than inferior tools of the trade that hamper progress. And nothing screams disregard like double handling, messy workarounds, manual overrides and unnecessary steps.

In the brave new HR world of skills shortages and tight hiring markets, the more competent the employee, the greater the impatience with substandard systems that weigh on performance. And that's exactly as it should be.

Intelligo is synonymous with reliability, compliance and service. But over 25 years of fine tuning across business structures, industries and jurisdictions means that MegaPay makes every payroll task simpler and faster. That's because we respect the opinions of payroll people. Because we respect your efforts to uplift and empower your talent. Because we know that payroll employees are among the most valuable people in any organisation.

Payroll that Keeps
its Promises

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Whether on-premises, on-cloud or fully outsourced, the MegaPay Engine will always be designed to ensure maximum speed, reliability and compliance, enabling your organisation to focus on creating value and building a better workplace.

MegaPay's best-in-class payroll technology will always be backed by a Specialist Payroll Delivery Team that provides award-winning customer service without sidestepping responsibility.

MegaPay will always be designed, optimised, delivered and supported to respect your time and that of your employees without the need to purchase costly, hidden add-ons.

That's the Intelligo MegaPay Guarantee, underwritten by over 25 years of payroll promises kept — in full and on time.

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Eimear Byrne, Country Manager