Five Benefits of an Employee Intranet for your Workforce

September 20, 2018,10:00 am

An intranet is a private computer network that exists within a business which facilitates internal communication and collaboration using the same technology as the internet. Intranets can offer features such as document management, team workspaces, social tools, a staff directory and more. There are many benefits to implementing an intranet within your business to improve efficiency and performance and these are outlined below.

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Pension Reform

Everything you wanted to know about Pensions Reform

September 6, 2018,10:00 am

Back in February of this year, the Taoiseach announced a major reform of future pension provisions. He launched the five-year, ‘Roadmap for Pensions Reform’. This was intended to make sure our ageing population is taken care of into retirement, close the gap between contributory and non-contributory state pensions and make the system fairer for workers that take times out for child rearing,

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Tax Deadline Dates – September 2018

September 1, 2018,10:01 am

There is certainly a ‘back-to-school’ feeling in the air! Here’s our useful guide for important dates for tax deadlines in the UK and Ireland this month.


September 19th: Monthly deadline for postal payments of CIS, NICs and PAYE to HMRC

September 22nd: – Monthly deadline for electronic remittance of CIS,

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Payroll Service Provider

Five Top Tips for Selecting a new Payroll Service Provider

August 9, 2018,10:00 am

When payday rolls around, employees expect to be paid on time, have their pay and deductions calculated correctly and have someone on hand to contact should they have any questions. Particularly as your business grows, many companies will opt to enlist the help of a payroll service provider.

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Tax Deadline Dates – August 2018

August 1, 2018,11:12 am

Wow, the summer is well and truly underway. Here’s our useful guide for important dates for tax deadlines in the UK and Ireland this month.


July: No key deadlines for NICs, PAYE or Self Assessment.


August 14th: PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT:
P30 monthly return and payment for July 2018

DWT: Return and payment of DWT for July 2018

PSWT: F30 monthly return and payment for July 2018

August 19th: VAT: Monthly VAT 3 return and payment (if due) for the period July together with a Return of Trading Details where the accounting period ends in July.

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