Employee Goals

Helping Employees Achieve Their Goals.

June 23, 2020,9:56 am

It’s general knowledge that, as an employer, supporting employees to reach their goals is critical to your business. This is now more important than ever, even in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic. After all, employees achieving goals and working hard affects the flow and bottom line of your business,

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Transitioning to a New Payroll Solution: Three Key Points to Consider

June 19, 2020,9:37 am

If you’ve been considering switching to a new payroll solution but hesitated because of the current pandemic, now is the time to get the process underway even if it is just expressing an interest with some potential providers. Whether you’re interested in switching payroll solutions ASAP, or you’re only keeping your options open,

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Tax Deadline Dates for June 2020: A Useful Guide

June 1, 2020,9:41 am

Can it be June already? What a quick few months that was. It has been a particularly busy time for those working in payroll so we have compiled a useful guide for tax deadlines dates in Ireland and the UK this June.


1 June 2020 – New Advisory Fuel Rates (AFR) for company car users.

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HR Technology

3 Ways Technology Is Changing HR as We Know It.

May 26, 2020,11:24 am

With ground-breaking HR technology solutions emerging onto the market, there is now a tech boom that is changing HR as we know it. Be it mobile apps or self-service modules, the development of HR Technology is a trend that shows no signs of stopping, especially considering the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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remote workers

How to Manage Your Newfound Remote Workers

May 19, 2020,10:21 am

In response to COVID-19, many companies have employees who are working from home. Although it would have been preferable to establish remote-working policies and training in advance, it was just not feasible, all things considered. Luckily, the resilience and flexibility of employees has shone through, but how has management dealt with this ‘new normal’?

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