Preparing for PAYE Modernisation

November 7, 2018,10:30 am

Following on from our earlier blog post titled ‘What You Need to Know about PAYE Modernisation’, this post is about how to prepare for the changes that will come into effect on January 1st, 2019. In order to prepare for PAYE modernisation; employers must complete the following seven steps.

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Tax Deadline Dates – November 2018

November 1, 2018,10:00 am

We’re getting closer to year-end and dare I say it, Christmas! Here’s our useful guide for important dates for tax deadlines in the UK and Ireland this month.


November 19th: Monthly deadline for postal payments of CIS, NICs and PAYE to HMRC

November 22nd: Monthly deadline for electronic remittance of CIS,

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What is Employee Engagement?

October 24, 2018,10:00 am

Employee engagement describes the relationship between an organisation and its employees. An engaged employee is enthusiastic about their work, they understand their role and how it relates to the wider organisation. Many books on management cite the story about a highly engaged janitor working at NASA who when asked by John F.

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Intelligo is…Payroll Service Provider of the Year!

October 12, 2018,9:55 am

Beyond thrilled to be awarded the Payroll Service Provider of the Year 2018 at CIPP’s Annual Excellence Awards in Birmingham last night. The CIPP Awards recognise payroll professionals who have made an outstanding contribution and demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their profession.

There was stiff competition from the twelve other finalists in the Payroll Service category so we are delighted to take it home!

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Intelligo by Numbers: An Infographic

October 3, 2018,8:20 am

Did you know that Intelligo has been in business for over twenty years? We have come a long way since 1996. Here are six interesting facts you may not know about Intelligo Software Ltd.






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