How to Increase Job Satisfaction for your Employees

June 13, 2018,11:15 am

We hear the term appear regularly now in the world of HR, but what exactly is job satisfaction? It ranges from measurable factors such as acceptable salary standards and benefits to more unmeasurable factors like feeling valued and growth possibilities. After all, employees want the opportunity to grow within their organisation,

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Tax Deadline Dates – June 2018

June 1, 2018,9:57 am

Wow! It’s June already. Where did that time go? We’re almost halfway through the year which means many payrolls have already been processed – go you! Here at Intelligo, we understand how difficult working in Payroll can be, so we’re trying to make things a bit easier. Especially as the summer months may mean a stretched department as people jet off on their summer holidays.  

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soft skills

Soft Skills – what are they and which matter most for your business?

May 29, 2018,12:09 pm

Soft Skills – what are they and which matter most for your business? So, you have invested a lot of time and money in recruiting, onboarding and retaining the right talent for your business. You now have the best of the best working for your company. But is this worth much if your team cannot work well with one and other?

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Employee Reward Systems Shaking Hands

Employee Reward Systems – The Do’s and Don’ts.

May 10, 2018,8:59 am

Employee rewards systems are an essential component of effective employee engagement strategies, employers often struggle to implement them successfully into their business, but perseverance is key! After all, your employees are key! They work hard to exceed goals and add to the success of the company. This is where employee reward systems are essential.

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Cyber Aware Workforce

4 Steps to Build a Cyber Aware Workforce

April 27, 2018,9:00 am

Do you have a Cyber Aware Workforce? If you find yourself thinking on this too long, the answer is most likely – No. With more security breaches caused by human error than IT gone awry, everyone in the business needs to be cyber aware, not just the IT department but from the very bottom to the top of your business and everyone in between.

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