3 Ways to Improve Employee Retention

March 24, 2017,10:41 am

It’s every employer’s nightmare when one of the best employees resigns out of the blue. A million questions pop into your head ‘Why do they want to leave?’, ‘What can I do to make them stay?’ At this point you may not be able to get them back on board but you can make strides to avoid it in future.

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Employee Absence Management

March 13, 2017,9:57 am

Dealing with employees who are sick can be a challenge for any employer. As you try to strike a balance between being a considerate and caring employer, all while trying to ensure absences are minimum and do not affect your business or costs. Though the cost may not be obviously plain,

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How to improve Employee Performance through Good HR

March 6, 2017,9:12 am

Any business regardless of size or industry will have a keen eye on employee performance. After all can any business be successful without good results and high performance from their employees? Especially as they are the heart and lifeline of a company. If your employee’s performance is an issue for you,

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Key Dates for Tax Deadlines- March 2017

March 3, 2017,2:59 pm

March is a busy month for most, as we reach the end of quarter one – maybe that’s why it’s called March Madness! We’re making life a bit easier with a handy guide for tax deadlines dates for March in Ireland and the UK.


No key deadlines for NICs,

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heart from hands, February Tax Deadlines

Key Dates for Tax Deadlines- February 2017

February 2, 2017,3:52 pm


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is most definitely in the air. What could you love more when working in Payroll than our very own and extremely handy guide for tax deadlines dates for February in Ireland and the UK.


No key deadlines for NICs,

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