November Leaves

Tax Deadline Dates – November 2019

November 8, 2019,1:10 pm

We’re getting closer to the years end, and dare we say it the festive season. As things begin to get busy, we have pulled together our handy guide for important dates for tax deadlines in the UK and Ireland this November.


November 19: Deadline for receipt of the contractor’s monthly return.

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Payroll Improvement Success

Four Brilliant Payroll Improvement Ideas

October 30, 2019,10:18 am

Payroll Improvement Ideas. Why would we suggest them? Payroll is rarely a static business, so good practices are incredibly essential to ensure that your payroll is run on time, every time. However, as these good practices become ingrained in the department, the thought may not occur that there could be room for improvement.

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HR Tech

Top Tips for buying new HR Tech

October 10, 2019,8:46 am

With more and more businesses making use of technology to keep their HR processes up to date, HR technology has become a fast-moving industry with new providers arriving in the market regularly. However, in this developing world, finding the right technology for your needs and making it work for your company,

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October Pumpkin

Tax Deadline Dates – October 2019

October 1, 2019,3:09 am

We don’t mean to scare you, but its October…Boo! At this time of year, we always preferer trick over treat so here’s a treat for you, our handy guide for important dates for tax deadlines in the UK and Ireland this October.


October 1: Personal Income Tax Statements sent out to 24 million Taxpayers.

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baby parental leave

Understanding Parental Leave

September 27, 2019,9:58 am

In today’s working world, your employees may find it hard to manage their work commitments and daily family life, as establishing the boundaries between employment and childcare continues to be a challenging task. Many businesses recognise this and work with their employees to be as flexible as possible in the circumstances.

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