Four Ways to Effectively Manage Annual Leave

In business, it can often be challenging to juggle your employee’s annual leave, no more than ever. With a limited number of employees, covering an absent ’employee’s workload is something that businesses might struggle to manage. Especially as most employees are scrambling to take leave at the same time. So, what is the best way or and the fairest way to handle this?  To help make sure your company runs smoothly, here is an overview of four ways to effectively manage annual leave.

Have a Policy

By assuring you have a fair and transparent annual leave policy in place for employees; the entire process becomes a lot simpler to manage.  In such a policy, you can specify a minimum notice period which employees must adhere to when it comes to requests for annual leave. The longer the notice period, the more time you will have to plan for cover if needed.

Plan Ahead

Many businesses can plan their holiday schedule in advance if done correctly and well organised. If in a position to do so, ask your employees to plan out holiday time for the rest of the year. So you know well in advance who is working at any given time — ensuring adequate staff levels at peak times and complete transparency for employees. If this is not viable for your industry, you might consider a quarterly based plan instead.

Blackout Busy Periods

For some businesses, some periods are busier than most, which may mean you need all employees on board. If this is the case for your business, an effective way to prevent employees from taking annual leave during busy times is to implement blackout periods. So, if an employee wants to take annual leave during a blackout period, they need to ask well in advance. However, it’s a good idea to inform employees straight away if implementing a blackout.

Use a Coherent System

It can quickly become a big mess when trying to balance and manage absences, especially if you’re using systems that don’t offer the functions you need.  A coherent HR Software System will enable management to consider and approve leave requests and compare this with another team member to ensure enough cover. It will also calculate remaining annual leave, allowing you to foresee who might be planning a holiday even before they’ve submitted a request.  Keeping a single source of information means you can make decisions on annual leave in a quick, organised and efficient manner.