Four Essential Elements your HR Software needs in 2018

Selecting new HR Software for your business can be a hard task, and it can often happen that you begin your search before you have considered what you need or want from a new system.

Before you begin your initial search, there are a few factors you need to consider, more specifically the elements of the software that is essential to your business.  To get you started, here are four critical features to review and help shortlist your HR Software requirements.


An important consideration while shortlisting an HR Software Provider is whether you need a customisable solution, or you can work with a standard ‘out-of-the-box’ product. If you can use an off the shelf product, all well and good, but if you find you need a tailorable solution you need to source a supplier who can provide this. The arguments for customisable solutions are plenty. After all, software should be versatile to meet your HR needs, now and in the future. No business stays the same, and a system needs to be able to support any changes that you make going forward.

However customisable solutions don’t need to be overly complicated at a developer or IT level, it could be as simple as allowing the user to tailor the system as they need, such as adding additional fields, designed screens, tables, reports, etc.

 Data Security

Data Security GDPR
Data Security GDPR

Security is paramount that is why an essential element of an HR Software system is its ability to secure your businesses and your employees’ data. The data used in HR contains highly sensitive information such as PPS numbers, birth dates etc. so should be safeguarded at all times. A secure system should have the ability to provide information to users with access restrictions depending on the level of access granted. It should limit the exposure of data, as it is stored securely with controlled access. Examples of security characteristics a software would need to include are:

-the ability to manage which users can access data,

-the option to create and allow user IDs and passwords,

-and audit trails that detail and notify of changes made.

As the host for sensitive HR data, software should contain security controls that guarantee confidentiality – this is an essential element to consider if looking at new software,  Such security elements should be included in the software, coming as a  standard feature without additional costs.


A selling point of any valuable HR Software solution or system provider will be that the technology is maintainable. Maintenance of the software should be smooth and updated regularly to adhere to changes in law and regulations as needed. You might be wondering why you should consider this an essential element of your purchase? HR Software not regularly upgraded leaves you open to tremendous security risks as well as lack of adherence to specific laws which is especially prevalent in light of GDPR. In tandem to this, your business will want value for money and have the software fully functioning for many years to comes.

Ensure the software that you are considering purchasing is easy to maintain and the software provider has a hands-on strategy towards keeping your technology working as long as possible.


To achieve one of the greatest benefits of a new HR System, there is a need to integrate the technology with a wide variety of third-party tools and current business systems. This is an essential element to keep communication flowing between all levels of the business and avoid information pitfalls. Afterall, HR Systems do not operate independently. They often work in tandem with Payroll, Finance and other business systems. Consequently, the software should be able to provide the required details to these systems with ease.