Five Tips to Survive until Your January Payday

After all the festivities of Christmas, January can feel like a long and dreary month. Many of us got paid in advance of Christmas and as such, are struggling to make our pay packet last all the way until the end of January. Faced with an almost six-week gap between paydays, we have compiled our top tips to keep you going all the way until the end of the month.

Make Your Lunch

You’ve indulged in all the goodies that the festive period has to offer, and now you’re feeling squeezed in the waistband and the wallet. An easy way to save a few pennies is to start making your lunch to bring into work. Try sandwiches, homemade soup or dinner leftovers. It’s amazing how quickly the savings will add up to help you to get across the line to payday.

Hop on Public Transport

If you usually take the car to work, why not try the bus or train or better still, cycle, run or walk. You may have to set your alarm a little earlier, but you may find that the saving on petrol is enough to get you through to that last long week in January. And who knows? You may have even stumbled upon a new fitness regime.

Start Selling Online

The new year is an excellent time for a clear out. Root out those old books, CDs and DVDs and sell them online to generate a bit extra for when you are strapped. Check out sites like eBay, DoneDeal or Adverts to see what your items are worth, then trade your old junk for cash. Search for a local car boot sale if selling online is not your thing.

Change Your Providers

Consider changing providers for your broadband, phone, television or other bills. Often in January, with few people out socialising, we find ourselves cash poor and time rich, so there is plenty of time to sit down to do some online research and find out if it is worth swapping your providers. Be cautious of introductory offers and make sure you are comparing like with like when making your final decision.

Use Cash

Take a long, hard look at your online banking and see how much you have left over after essential bills are paid. Once you know how much you have to make last until payday, withdraw a set amount in cash each week. It’s easy to lose track when using your debit, or worse, credit cards, but when you only have money, it is easy to see when you are running low and curb your spending accordingly.

Rent out your Parking Space

If you live in the city or near a Luas or Dart stop and have a free parking space, you may well be sitting on a small goldmine. You can advertise your space on the like Daft, DoneDeal or dedicated site, Parkpnp and watch the bookings roll in.

January can seem like a long, dark month, especially when the funds in the bank are at an all-time low. Saving a few euro here and there and even making some money by selling online can help your you make it all the way to payday.