How to Keep Your Employees Happy on Blue Monday?

The third Monday in January is considered the most depressing day of the year. Dubbed Blue Monday, it’s the time of year when the distraction of Christmas has long gone, apart from the bills and bad weather, leaving nothing else immediately gratifying to look forward to. A few weeks into January, Blue Monday arrives and may hit your business with a deflated workforce. So how can you keep your Workforce Happy on Blue Monday? Fortunately, there are several practical things you can do to lift everyone’s mood and create more positive morale going forward.

1. Spread some cheer

Who says that gifts are only for Christmas? At a time when everyone is feeling blue, it’s more important than ever to reward your staff and spread some cheer. Whether it’s something as simple as organising a company lunch or some sweet treats for coffee breaks, small touches can go a long way to cheering up employees.

2. Use the power of praise

January is the perfect time to thank your employees for all their hard work over the previous year.  Sending an email is nice but taking the time to seek someone out personally and provide face-to-face praise, this shows that good performance means something to you. Not only does this make employees happier, but it also makes them more effective. This will put staff on a positive starting point, making them feel valued and appreciated. It will also help focus employees’ minds on the year ahead and encourage them to think about how they can contribute to the business success in the coming year.

3. Build in ‘me’ time

Employees should be encouraged to be kind to themselves by building in some ‘me’ time. Far from encouraging employees to slack off, getting them to use activities to be kind to themselves will boost their performance. After all, January is often the time of New Year’s Resolutions, so employers can help staff make with them.  Some ideas to contribute towards the health and wellbeing of staff at work could include a workplace exercise class, gym memberships, fresh fruit or healthier workplace drinks.

With morale low, some staff may even begin to look for new roles elsewhere, so it’s not surprising that January also sees ‘Massive Monday’ – the day of the year when record numbers of job seekers apply for new roles. To avoid this, the critical thing to remember is that a happy workforce is essential to any successful business, so this Blue Monday employee happiness should be priority number one.