Employee Self service.

Our Employee Self Service module provides employees with easy access to their Payroll and HR records.

Most organisations are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are therefore looking to digitise many of their business functions. Making the shift from printed payslips is an environmental win for you and your organisation. Because there’s no need for printing, your organisation will be using less paper, ink and postage – contributing towards your environmental and waste-reduction goals.

Employees can log on – Anytime, Anywhere!

Self-Service is important in many industries. From your local ATM machine to online banking solutions, people often prefer to find a solution or complete a task without assistance. That’s why we developed our employee self-service portal. It helps users to find what they need quickly and easily, taking some of the pressure off busy HR & Payroll teams.


Quick & Easy Access

Employees simply log in with their usual Windows credentials. In addition to accessing their current and historical payslips and P60s, employees can download and print payroll-related forms, update contact details, as well as request and view holidays.


Perform Multiple Tasks

Line Managers can review holiday requests, complete appraisals online and more. All changes made are instantly reflected in the central MegaPay and/or MegaHR system.


Inspire and Motivate Employees

Set goals and view employee reviews via the self service platform. Employees can electronically sign off on their reviews and see existing goals and targets that have been agreed. Employees can periodically highlight what has been achieved, ensuring they are working towards clear objectives and leaving a neat electronic paper trail when it comes to next review time.



The Employee Self Service module is totally secure and can be integrated to Active Directory. Employees logon with their standard credentials to view and access their payroll / HR record. The Module has been designed to support you in building an accurate information bank of vital employee data that can be accessed quickly and easily; whenever and wherever you need it.

Keep Your Employees Engaged


Employees can view payroll and HR details in seconds


Minimise admin – free up staff and resources


Reduces your footprint by removing paper forms


Reduce enquiries for basic HR/Payroll info


Save time and reduce HR and payroll costs

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