Employees and Line Managers can log on - Anytime, Anywhere!

Employee Self-Service is important in many industries - from your local ATM machine to online banking solutions - people often prefer to find a solution or complete a task without assistance. For many of the same reasons, Payroll & HR Departments are discovering Employee Self-Service, and now you can too!



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Employee ACCESS

The Employee Self Service Module provides employees with direct access to their HR & Payroll records. Employees login with their normal Windows credentials. In addition to accessing their current and historical payslips and P60's - employees can download and print payroll related forms, update contact details, and request and view holidays.


The Line Manager Self Service Module allows a line manager to login, using a standard web browser to manage their staff. Line Managers can view / update employee detail, approve / reject holiday requests, complete appraisals online etc. These capabilities allow the Line Manager to play an active role in managing their department. All changes made by Line Managers are instantly reflected in the central Megapay/MegaHR System.


The system has been designed to support you in building an accurate information bank of vital employee data that can be accessed quickly and easily, whenever and wherever you need it. For this our Employee Self Service Module comes with additional fields which include 'Reviews' and 'Current Goals' screens which both the Line Manager and Employee can edit and update. Employees electronically sign off on their reviews followed by their Line Manager. Employees can periodically throughout the year login and update goals and what has been attained/ achieved.


The Employee Self Service Module can be secured and hardened to ensure that access is fully locked down to authorised users only. The Supervisor who defines user names, passwords and access restrictions controls access. Access restrictions allow the Supervisor to define the type of access a user may have e.g. Read Only, Read/Write, No Access. User name dictates the level of access which can be restricted at field level.



SUPPORT EMPLOYEES Employees can view Payroll and HR details in seconds
ACCESS 24/7 access to Payroll and HR data
in seconds
COMMUNICATION Minimises admin – freeing up staff and resources.
EFFICIENT SERVICE Provides staff with rapid and efficient HR and Payroll service
MOBILITY MANAGEMENT Reduce Phone Enquiries for Basic HR and Payroll Information
COST SAVINGS Saves time and reduces Human Resources and Payroll costs




Our Employee Self Service Module for Megapay allows employees to interact via an intranet portal with the payroll system providing online access to a full range of payroll details including current and historical payslips, P60s, print payroll related forms, update contact details, etc.



This Module for MegaHR allows employees to interact via an intranet portal with MegaHR providing online access to a full range of HR details such as view and request holidays, update personal information, complete appraisal forms, etc.

What People Say About Us

Alan Flannery Finance Director, Allergan
The payroll expertise of Intellipay is a key benefit, as is the efficient and reliable service. Our payroll was previously in house but we’re confident it’s in good hands now.
Jenny Meade Support Staff Services Manager, Noonan
Megapay has always addressed all of my payroll needs and certainly meets the HR and payroll needs for Noonans.
Colm McCluskey Senior Finance Manager, BT Ireland
Intelligo are very proactive and are always looking for ways to make the process more efficient.
Liz Leavy Head of HR, Wincor Nixdorf
Working with Intellipay, we get a complete and worry free payroll facility. Everything is consistent and they always go the extra mile. Excellent business partner.
Finbarr O’Connor Finance Manager, FCR Media
We chose Intelligo’s Managed Payroll Service, Intellipay, over other providers because of its excellent reputation and ability to assist us in our specific payroll needs.
Katherine Markey Payroll Executive, Premier Lotteries Ireland
Intelligo have provided us with an efficient and effective payroll service with timely payment of employee salaries.
Shane Corr Payroll Administrator, AXA
We have been using Megapay, Intelligo’s corporate payroll software in-house at AXA’s Head Office for the past 20 years.
John O’Brien Financial Director, Medite Europe
Megapay provided a user-friendly desktop interface and was priced competitively.
Claire Grant Payroll Manager EMEA, McAfee
We chose Megapay as we needed a Payroll Solution that could support both UK and Irish Payroll legislation.
Mark O’Reilly Head of Finance, Specialist Holiday Group Ireland
We chose to outsource our payroll to Intelligo over any other provider due to their speedy turnaround, value for money and excellent software and services. It’s clear Intelligo understands great customer service is as important as fantastic software.
Mary Wall HR Manager, BWG Foods
MegaHR is a core part of our HR function and has added to our efficiency both within the HR department and throughout the company.
Colm McCluskey Senior Finance Manager, BT Ireland
Intellipay offers fantastic value for money with no requirement in-house for full time employees to support the payroll function.
Colm McCluskey Senior Finance Manager, BT Ireland
For a fully managed payroll service, Intellipay offers fantastic value for money with no requirement In-house for full time employees to support the payroll function.
Maurice Kelly HR Manager, Marine Harvest
Megapay and MegaHR seamlessly integrate with each other which simplifies reporting and eliminates duplication of work.
Celine Kelly HR Business Partner, QQI Ireland
The staff are very helpful. They provide an outstanding service to us, are always efficient, effective and very helpful.
Una Collins HR Generalist, Chanelle
Intellipay’ response to queries, usually within 24 hours means that we can provide the best service to our employees.

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