Revenue has published a Guide to Completing 2014 Pay and File Tax Returns

Taking its news from Revenues website, Intelligo has announced that the main purpose of this Guide to Completing 2014 Pay and File Tax Returns is to assist individuals who are taxed under the self-assessment system to complete their 2014 Tax Return – the Form 11.

For 2014, self-assessment taxpayers are required to complete the full Form 11 (either in paper format or via ROS (see page 6 of this guide), or, if all of the information relevant to them is contained in one of the shorter versions, Form 11S and Form 11P.

If you are not obliged to file your return of income (Form 11) electronically, you will have received a paper Form 11.

Form 11S is the shorter version of the Form 11 Income Tax Return for self-assessed individuals. It is an extract of the main personal Tax Return form (Form 11). If however after reading the helpsheet that accompanied your Form 11S you find you are obliged to complete a form 11, you can download from

PAYE customers completing Form 12 or Form 12S will find information in this Guide useful and should consult the Index to locate relevant topics