Reasons You Should Integrate your HR and Payroll Systems Today

Businesses have followed corporate structures, keeping their HR and Payroll separate. But companies are now seeing the value of integrating HR Payroll systems. Not only as a potential cost-savings measure but to enhance efficiency and lessen duplicate work.  Are you thinking about implementing an integrated solution? But not sure whether it’s worth the time and effort? If you’re questioning the need for this type of integration, here are some compelling reasons to consider it;

Accuracy Ensured

Employees, whether they are new or existing, need a significant amount of information stored on file. And all that data can mount into a growing folder of paperwork! The problem lies then when payroll and HR need the same information for its functions. If there’s change is one department, does that information pass to the other?

HR and Payroll personnel will be the first to note the time and energy required for these tasks. Especially the effort needed to ensure both functions correlate. This type of routine activity reduces the opportunity for them to focus on more productive tasks for their department.

Businesses depend on having relevant and detailed information about their workforce. With fewer people working with separate databases, the process of data entry is more efficient. This helps prevent mistakes along with saving the cost and time required to fix them.

Bye-Bye Paperwork

Integrating HR Payroll systems allows employees access relevant information from the same shared system. With Payroll and HR integration into a single interface, these duties are lessened. Rather than spend valuable resources on the regular collection and inputting of employee data.

For example, when an employee receives a promotion and a raise, HR enters it in the system. The payroll element of the increase is registered at the same time due to the integration of the two. Removing the need for extra paperwork, when HR Payroll systems operate together, information entered by HR updates in Payroll and vice-a-versa.

This means less work and fewer chances for error or mistakes!

Reducing Enquiries & Building Trust

With Payroll and HR data available from a single system, Employee Self-Service features are more efficient. Employees can access the correct information about payslips, holiday allowances, etc. The result provides employees with the ability to resolve simple issues on their own, without a drain on resources. As HR and Payroll personnel know, most employee queries are simple in nature and resolved with the right information. No more inquiries into how many holiday days remain.

Integration of the HR payroll systems ensures the information they access is up-to-date and relevant. Knowing their information is correct promotes a sense of confidence in their employers. Building trust between them and management. The result is greater employee satisfaction!

By integrating your systems, you take a huge burden off your HR and Payroll departments. You also create the opportunity to build trust and with your employees while streamlining your business. It is a win-win scenario.

If you are looking for a Payroll Software and HR Software that can be easily integrated then pop over to the relevant product pages.