4 Fun Ways to Celebrate an Employees Work Anniversary

Celebrating an employee’s work anniversary is one of those events that is the simplest to undertake yet the most easily overlooked, but there are many ways you can show your employees how valuable they are. While there is no need to disrupt your entire workday, a few resourceful gestures will go a long way. By celebrating the anniversary of your employee, you can inform each employee of the significance of their presence in the company and that a milestone year deserves a celebration! Here are four fun ways that you and your company can celebrate your employee’s work anniversaries.

Organise a ‘desk party’

Another interesting way to celebrate an employees’ milestone is by having a ‘desk party’ also known as merely decorating their desk. It is an exciting way to let them know you recognise their anniversary and are happy to celebrate their milestone. Surround their desk with balloons and confetti or cover their computer monitors with fun decorations – it’s time to get creative! There is no better sight than seeing your employee’s surprised face as they walk in to find their desk nicely decorated.

Give notes of appreciation

An employee’s milestone is an excellent time to express gratitude and show your appreciation for them – it can also be a time to include their colleagues in the celebrations. Organise for everyone to write a note and share stories of the employee – their value to the company, remembering old work stories and more. It will make their anniversaries more meaningful when they receive a stack of appreciation notes from all their colleague and management.

Put the employee in the spotlight

It may be time to put your employee in the spotlight! If your company has an intranet or a monthly employee newsletter, then you can publish your employees’ work anniversary, including the date they started working with the company and if possible try to add some interesting information about them or include a photo.

Give a trophy or gift

Finally, another great way to celebrate is to present your employee a commemorative with a token of your appreciation for their years of service. After all, everybody likes getting presents! Maybe it’s a customised trophy, or it could be a special coffee cup — anything an employee can be proud of to show that they’ve been working in the organisation for a certain number of years.

As an employer, you are beyond busy at work, tackling deadlines, and such but it is always a good idea to celebrate your employees’ achievements and anniversaries. When you celebrate employees’, they feel valued for their hard work and time they have dedicated to your company.  Hopefully, these ideas for celebrations will encourage them to stay with your business for many more years to come. However, if you feel you cannot remember the work anniversaries of all your employees, a robust HR Management System would be helpful to manage these dates and could be automated to send reminders of such upcoming events.